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Army Fitness APFT Calculator app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 8528 ratings )
Utilities Health & Fitness
Developer: James Delemar
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.5, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 11 Jul 2010
App size: 15.52 Mb

There is no other APFT program as complete as this one! Updated publications and forms to most current versions to date. The Army Fitness APFT Calculator calculates and fills out Army Physical Fitness Test score cards and Army body fat worksheets based on U.S. Army APFT and weight control program standards! It includes alternate aerobic events and extended scale scores. Updated to universal app - runs on iPad and iPhone.

Automatically fill out a DA Form 705 (Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard) and DA Form 5500/5501 (Body Fat Content Worksheet) based on stored information for multiple Soldiers!


Fill out DA Forms 705, 5500, 5501 in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) or PureEdge (xfdl) format!!! Email the forms and continue to edit PureEdge data on a computer!

Body fat and weight calculator are included!

APFT scores are calculated instantly! Normal, extended scale, or profile! As requested by users, minimums, maximums, and current points scored is automatically shown.

APFT scores and body fat results can be saved.

Email most recent APFT scores, body fat data, or both for one or more Soldiers in Adobe Acrobat or PureEdge format! Forms are automatically filled from within the app! Data is NOT emailed to some unknown location.

Store Soldiers’ pictures from pictures already on the device or taken from the camera.

Add, delete, edit, reorganize, or even alphabetize Soldier lists.

Tools are included for counting pushups, situps, and run laps. Runner numbers can be also stored. A timer that can be used as a stopwatch is included. Multiple runner scores can be tracked!

An excerpt from FM 7-22 (Appendix A) is included which allows for reading the event standards prior to administering a test. It also allows for instant viewing of the PT score card for pass, fail, or max scores.

Quickly check if a Soldier meets the Army screening weight table then calculate and store body fat data.

Please review to suggest new features or updates. More updates to come!

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Pros and cons of Army Fitness APFT Calculator app for iPhone and iPad

Army Fitness APFT Calculator app good for

Not normally a reviewer, but this is one of the few apps that does what it says its going to do without crashing.
Ive used it on APFTs and its so easy and quick to use. Even includes the appropriate FMs and ARs.
Best app ever for anyone in the Army. Well worth a couple bucks. Thank me later
Good application for 99%of Soldiers. Recommend for all my first line leaders, senior NCOs and company grade officers.
Its up to date with current standards and is expedient to get the paperwork completed while on site.
Really good app had it from since 2014 I believe till now and I like it

Some bad moments

The app doesnt allow you to check height and weight on Soldier under 58 inches... Waste of money.
Once you learn to navigate the app to get the info you need its great.
This really is a nice tool not only for pt graders and training NCOs but for all. Great work on this app. Being in tradoc, I would like to see the PRT manual incorporated at least for reference.
Excellent tool! This app does it all. The only thing I would add to this app is the score for the individual events as they are entered just like the total. If it had that one addition this tool would be perfect. Seriously a must buy for anyone in the Army or thinking about joining.
I downloaded the the app ok. After that I tested it. It worked well and it had everything I needed. After a few days I tested it again. Everything worked well. So I loaded up the Soldiers info. Went to do the test and now the app wont launch. Good thing I didnt rely on the app. Ive reported the issue and emailed the developer. As of today the app still doesnt nor have I heard from the developer. If the app worked Id give it 5 stars. Since it doesnt Ill give it one star for effort.
This app needs to return to the drawing boards, it wouldnt open at first and once it did open, it stated errors saving info. Totally a waste of 99 cent.

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